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The Billie Goat Story

The Billie Goat Soap story

If you think you’ve tried everything, try Billie Goat!

Billie Goat Soap was created in 2004, by a mum whose son was suffering from eczema. Concerned about long-term steroid use on her little boy’s skin, she believed there had to be another way, and started researching the benefits of natural eczema treatments, including goat's milk.

The mother was living on a farm, with her family and a pet goat they had adopted from the RSPCA, so she decided to make her own goat's milk soaps. After a lot of experimenting and taking soap making lessons, the first batch of Billie Goat soaps were born. Seeing the remarkable effects the soaps had on her own little boy, she was spurred to share the message of natural remedies in the management of eczema and other serious skin conditions.

More about the Billie Goat range

Our range has expanded to include beautiful, premium products that cater to all skin types. We have products designed to help people suffering from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, such as our Nature's Remedy Intensive range and our hand-made soaps. We also have products for all members of the family, especially for mum and baby.

At Billie Goat we utilise the highest quality ingredients, including premium oils and extracts derived from nature as well as goat's milk, and combine them in unique manufacturing methods, keeping the goodness in and the nasties out. Proudly 100% Australian made and owned!

Proud supporter of Eczema Association Australia (EAA)


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