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Real Story: Amalia Vincze

Real Story: Amalia Vincze

No matter what little 3yo Vid's mum, Amalia, tried for his eczema, nothing seemed to work.

Prescribed dozens of different types of medicated creams, including topical steroid creams, the frequency of the flare-ups never seemed to get any better.

"I have cupboards and cupboards full of products that not only would I not use, but I wouldn't want to give it to anyone else either. They're filled with chemicals, parabens, carcinogenic additives...stuff that I believe is so bad for your skin."

Amalia dug deeper and took Vid to naturopaths and allergy experts, who, rather than just look at his skin, asked about his diet and conducted in-depth allergy testing.

The result? A super-sweet culprit: sugar!

When they were told that it was Vid's diet that caused the inflammation it actually made a lot of sense to Amalia, as she already suspected it was his sweet tooth. "He'll often be like, 'Oh Mum I ate too many ice creams today and my skin's getting sore,'" Amalia explains.

"[You've got to] find out the root of the cause, most likely it will have

to do with foods. Once you do this, it [helps] to control it.

" So what does Vid eat now, you ask? "I try to prevent [his flare-ups]

by straight away cutting out sugar, or [putting him] on an alkaline diet,

or I feed him lots of lemons. Also, he announced that he was a vegetarian

at the age of 3! However, he doesn't know that chicken nuggets

come from a chicken...," Amalia tells us.

Vid, now 10, still uses steroid creams when he has a flare-up, but they happen less regularly.

Amalia and Vid love: Billie Goat Lavender Soap. "He said 'Mum, this is the best product I have ever tried," Amalia tells us. "It has really settled the flare ups, we don't have to use the steroid cream as often now."

Does your child have an odd eczema trigger? Have you tried the Alkaline Diet? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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